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YT-Challenge 2017

Alle Tipps & Tricks der YouTube Profis

Die Exclusive YouTube Challenge startet im Januar 2017

Traffic, Einnahmen und 10´000 Abonnenten in 6 Monaten. Das Exclusive Coaching für Unternehmen und YouTuber.

Mehr Abonnenten, Traffic und Einnahmen über YouTube. Lernen Sie die Strategien, Tipps & Tricks von Profis in Schritt für Schritt Video-Anleitungen, Interviews, Live Streams und Webinaren.


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Die weltbesten Youtube-Kanäle

Die besten Youtube-Kanäle im Internet


  • Welcher Video-Youtuber hat die meisten Abonnenten?
  • Wer hat die meisten Klicks?

Für die Auswahl gibt es unterschiedliche Kriterien:

  • die reine Abonnentenzahl
  • die Aufrufzahlen
  • die Häufigkeit der Erwähnung im Fernsehen

Hier die Tabelle der Top 100 YouTuber:

Die meisten Abonnementen

Die Meisten Aufrufe

Rank User Subscribers User Vid Views
1 PewDiePie 13,858,582 achinima 4,516,704,325
2 YouTube 13,022,139 RihannaVEVO 4,126,554,940
3 smosh 12,664,133 JustinBieberVEVO 4,020,308,129
4 movies 12,401,396 muyap 3,756,321,812
5 holasoygerman 11,225,447 officialpsy 3,205,807,454
6 JennaMarbles 10,797,244 expertvillage 2,844,814,648
7 youtubeshowsus 10,684,895 IGNentertainment 2,718,197,175
8 nigahiga 10,350,680 smosh 2,658,496,935
9 RayWilliamJohnson 10,299,460 EminemVEVO 2,639,814,083
10 RihannaVEVO 10,208,559 AtlanticVideos 2,616,713,001
11 machinima 9,553,328 RayWilliamJohnson 2,527,650,223
12 OneDirectionVEVO 8,709,092 PewDiePie 2,525,522,734
13 ERB 7,293,939 RoosterTeeth 2,438,218,861
14 TheEllenShow 6,756,578 LadyGagaVEVO 2,393,998,627
15 freddiew 6,568,479 UltraRecords 2,282,092,499
16 officialpsy 6,494,234 BlueXephos 2,179,314,413
17 EminemVEVO 6,417,892 shakiraVEVO 2,135,317,235
18 RoosterTeeth 6,335,878 TheEllenShow 2,097,342,891
19 werevertumorro 6,285,998 collegehumor 2,059,928,774
20 TaylorSwiftVEVO 6,118,824 beyonceVEVO 2,053,436,324
21 JustinBieberVEVO 6,100,272 FueledByRamen 2,052,081,499
22 TheFineBros 6,050,683 OneDirectionVEVO 1,971,458,339
23 BlueXephos 6,035,262 barelypolitical 1,868,065,987
24 TheOfficialSkrillex 5,927,958 kontor 1,862,513,012
25 skydoesminecraft 5,740,767 failblog 1,843,441,776
26 EpicMealTime 5,727,484 KatyPerryVEVO 1,803,606,336
27 portadosfundos 5,673,380 realannoyingorange 1,798,935,517
28 CaptainSparklez 5,590,304 PitbullVEVO 1,796,652,914
29 TobyGames 5,587,614 ElektraRecords 1,756,828,431
30 thelonelyisland 5,436,397 chrisbrownvevo 1,749,763,762
31 TheSyndicateProject 5,392,453 TaylorSwiftVEVO 1,726,710,204
32 KatyPerryVEVO 5,258,668 TheXFactorUK 1,721,285,565
33 collegehumor 5,164,581 JenniferLopezVEVO 1,713,411,351
34 vsauce 5,139,605 SpinninRec 1,649,469,809
35 ElektraRecords 5,115,122 hollywoodrecords 1,617,915,108
36 ShaneDawsonTV 4,979,399 BlackEyedPeasVEVO 1,613,447,797
37 Tobuscus 4,935,760 MondoMedia 1,600,994,630
38 MichellePhan 4,898,696 nigahiga 1,585,226,203
39 UKFDubstep 4,756,690 NBA 1,581,208,556
40 FPSRussia 4,571,240 luntik 1,559,770,631
41 NBA 4,503,549 BritneySpearsVEVO 1,529,052,885
42 RiotGamesInc 4,498,735 BritainsGotTalent09 1,510,493,182
43 YouTubeMoviesBR 4,317,658 BBC 1,505,313,405
44 davidguettavevo 4,288,121 NickiMinajAtVEVO 1,467,603,063
45 lady16makeup 4,255,896 lmfaovevo 1,453,576,770
46 NickiMinajAtVEVO 4,222,880 davidguettavevo 1,411,555,891
47 movieclipsTRAILERS 4,199,764 TobyGames 1,400,638,530
48 boyceavenue 3,986,270 gmmgrammyofficial 1,392,829,317
49 enchufetv 3,896,788 SelenaGomezVEVO 1,369,619,088
50 AdeleVEVO 3,879,923 getmovies 1,361,773,404
51 AdamThomasMoran 3,826,039 thelonelyisland 1,326,029,338
52 programagalofrito 3,825,701 michaeljacksonVEVO 1,320,779,252
53 PrankvsPrank 3,781,630 AssociatedPress 1,311,499,709
54 pinkvevo 3,733,576 linkinparktv 1,308,695,009
55 VEVO 3,716,003 Maroon5VEVO 1,308,067,985
56 ksiolajidebt 3,711,411 RovioMobile 1,303,781,753
57 canalparafernalha 3,673,483 erosentertainment 1,264,062,242
58 elrubiusOMG 3,654,346 JennaMarbles 1,246,746,622
59 SMTOWN 3,623,286 warnerbrosrecords 1,231,191,547
60 LadyGagaVEVO 3,599,616 skydoesminecraft 1,218,264,286
61 IGNentertainment 3,573,857 SMTOWN 1,220,322,390
62 JustForLaughsTV 3,528,604 TheOfficialSkrillex 1,218,865,104
63 MonsieurDream 3,413,668 clevverTV 1,189,418,605
64 Macbarbie07 3,370,960 avrillavignevevo 1,185,723,592
65 realannoyingorange 3,337,734 tseries 1,172,959,308
66 vice 3,339,928 TheYoungTurks 1,167,646,278
67 KurtHugoSchneider 3,324,291 LilWayneVEVO 1,160,245,539
68 smoshgames 3,318,120 JustForLaughsTV 1,161,587,336
69 SelenaGomezVEVO 3,319,018 sxephil 1,151,699,755
70 SeaNanners 3,290,216 EnriqueIglesiasVEVO 1,142,985,303
71 ianh 3,275,203 SesameStreet 1,139,687,969
72 failarmy 3,253,720 rajshri 1,138,867,723
73 ThisIsHorosho 3,242,613 nqtv 1,135,129,566
74 nqtv 3,227,796 movieclips 1,125,107,795
75 vetealaversha 3,216,357 pinkvevo 1,116,761,647
76 barelypolitical 3,208,469 AdeleVEVO 1,112,755,119
77 lindseystomp 3,184,939 kidstv123 1,113,011,582
78 demilovatovevo 3,173,796 UKFDubstep 1,107,113,043
79 TopGear 3,155,395 GummyBearIntl 1,078,168,701
80 chrisbrownvevo 3,146,126 movieclipsTRAILERS 1,076,428,206
81 JimmyKimmelLive 3,141,724 RussiaToday 1,064,599,262
82 MisterEpicMann 3,137,070 TheFineBros 1,065,810,732
83 TheXFactorUSA 3,110,190 SuperSimpleSongs 1,052,344,146
84 Maroon5VEVO 3,078,643 CBS 1,044,153,247
85 beyonceVEVO 3,071,076 UberHaxorNova 1,043,381,813
86 linkinparktv 3,055,297 mbc 1,043,068,475
87 NationalGeographic 3,026,055 CaptainSparklez 1,044,671,927
88 kevjumba 3,011,301 boyceavenue 1,034,842,641
89 speedyw03 2,979,430 ello 1,036,914,730
90 sxephil 2,904,962 Howcast 1,030,365,659
91 tseries 2,883,022 avexnetwork 1,028,135,245
92 redbull 2,860,651 machinimarespawn 1,020,292,230
93 jacksgap 2,819,104 huluDotCom 1,011,596,002
94 CaELiKe 2,797,965 NationalGeographic 1,008,644,970
95 shane 2,765,742 Fred 998,790,090
96 HISHEdotcom 2,751,843 TheSyndicateProject 988,086,574
97 lmfaovevo 2,740,257 werevertumorro 971,110,803
98 MysteryGuitarMan 2,735,207 ShaneDawsonTV 953,059,295
99 NormanFaitDesVideos 2,698,053

CentVEVO 940,648,572
100 PitbullVEVO 2,680,380 ClevverMovies


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These deferrals occasionally arise as a point of contention in contract negotiations and will undoubtedly come up during baseball current free agency signing period. Fans seem to love deferrals when an expensive player takes one to help a team buy a quality player or two in the short term. But fans quickly change their tune when they realize a guy long gone is still cutting into their favorite team payroll.Perhaps the saddest fact of this game is that if this morning you gave up on your fantasy football season and said, „Fuck it! I’m putting href=““ target=“_blank“>cheap jerseys in Sage Rosenfels,“ there’s about an 80 percent chance you would have done better with the Houston benchwarmer than you did with whomever you actually started at quarterback.Yes, clothing companies all over the world have made their fortunes by selling and designing all kinds of patterns for today’s hunters. Since hunters move in for the kill in any kind of environment, these companies have made large contributions by providing them with prints for every possible background you can imagine. There are patterns like red oak, autumn, mossy oak, cheap china jerseys summer, winter, maple, and spring forest designs. Some clothes even have prints of twigs, grass, leaves, and branches scattered all over the fabric to fit in with the background of a forest.“We got beat. That’s all I can say,“ Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said. „You saw the game. fake oakleys outlet They made plays. We didn’t make the plays, so we lost the game. The only thing that we can do now is we cannot cry over spilled milk. What we have to do is we have to move forward and try to play a better game versus the Chargers.““But anyone who perceives my message as anti police is completely mistaken.“I have so much admiration and respect for officers and the families of the officers who sacrifice themselves to keeps us safe. But let’s be clear, I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things. If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me.“I’m proud of what we created and I’m proud to be part of a conversation that is pushing things forward in a positive way.““I’m loving where she’s going,“ she told British newspaper The Mirror. Other economic benefits cited by the city’s report seem to be assembled largely out of wishful thinking. It says the proposal would create 22,600 cheap nfl jerseys full and part time jobs in the city and „economic output of $3.8 billion within the Inglewood economy“ during construction. Some Replica ray bans of that comes from the builders‘ purchases of goods and services and „household spending“ by construction employees.
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hitler escaped berlin bunker and cheap nba jerseys died in south americaThe thought of doing all ten Cheap Jordan Sale in a day was in my mind from a trip there 20 years ago. When I did it this summer I was looking for a good challenge given my current physical condition. The Air Display ($9.99) app solves a problem of the modern world: Not enough screen. Even on a 15 inch laptop, real estate is lacking. For 2014, our listeners decided St. Vincent’s stunning self titled release, which came out way back in February, was the best album of the year. A lot of those women don use their real names, but like Lauren said they try to pick normal names. And if I not mistaken, there was a porn star about 10 15 years back who was quite popular that went by the name Amber and sadly, the name became more popular as a result. If the season is skipped altogether, then DTV will not charge subscribers at all. In addition to the the direct reduction in revenues if there is an NFL lockout, there is also the reduced „stickiness“ that could lead to subscriber losses as DTV loses one of the company’s defining products. There are a number of studies about the inner retinal change of RP. Using Optical coherence tomography (OCT), which can gives high quality imaging of retinal structures, recently some articles have reported that there are inner retinal changes including nerve fiber layer (NFL) thickening in eyes of RP patients7,8,9. The difference between oily and dry is if you have a plastic ball and you Cheap Jordans Sale rolled your ball up the lanes and the lanes were oily, there was a lot of oil on the lanes, the lanes were just dressed. We call it dressing, they were just dressed by the mechanic, you came in the center, and you got brand new lane conditions that were just oiled up which is called dressing. The Lions also became the first team in 60 Saints home games to stop Drew Brees from completing a touchdown pass, although tight end Coby Fleener had a pass bounce off his hands at the goal line. Brees finished 31 of 44 for 326 yards and was intercepted three times, once each by Glover Quin, Tavon Wilson and Miles Killebrew.. Brian Giles (165) Outfielder Brian Giles has had a very nice, steady career for fourteen seasons now with Cleveland, Pittsburgh and San Diego. But he put up his best numbers in a Pirates‘ uniform from 1999 to 2003. Through four starts their two stud pitchers have given up 21 runs in 21 innings. I’m not a math major but even I can see that makes for an even 9.00 ERA. For instance, the Rams asked that their Oct. 23 game in London be preceded by a game in the Eastern time zone, so the club could fly directly to England instead of heading back to Los Angeles. No single person in the Marine Corps, is exempted from this basic requirement on the basis of age, grade or duty assignment. Since 1st October 2008, cheap authentic jordans every Marine, every fiscal year, has to take a Combat Fitness Test (CFT) and a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) with a duration of 6 months wholesale nfl jersyes between them.